Upcoming Exhibition – Zillah Bell in Thirsk

I am busy stitching and stretching canvases at the moment, trying to get this collection of urban wanderings finished in time for the delivery deadline! The exhibition starts on 9th June and I’ll be giving a talk about my work on Sat 16th June. See the Zillah Bell website for details

In the studio

The stitching is the final phase of preparation. Next step, stretching them on their frames

This big old industrial embroidery machine is ridiculously noisy. So I look forward to the quieter moments of canvas stretching…


I’ve got a collection of stitched canvas prints for this exhibition which range from urban allotments to 19th century derelict docklands! Below is a taster of some of the pieces that will be on show.


North Warehouse


The images above are the digital image which is then printed onto a textile canvas, usually either white cotton canvas or linen. Below are details of them as they are stitched.

stitch deatil 2

stitch detail 1


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